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Gun Laws in Your StateGun Laws in Your State

The Statutes on Firearms and Explosives

In the State of Texas, the age where a person can generally own and carry a firearm is 18. However, in the case of purchasing, owning, and carrying a handgun of any kind, they must be 21 years or older. The following are basic piece of information regarding long guns (shotguns and rifles) and handguns:

Long guns:
No State Permit is needed for ak 47 purchase if the buyer is 18 or older. There is also no registration or owner license required, and no carry permits are issued.

No State Permit is needed for purchase if the buyer is 21 or older. There is also no registration or owner license required. Carry permits are issued in the case of handguns.

For both long guns and handguns, the Statutes state that municipalities “may not adopt regulations relating to the transfer, private ownership, keeping, transportation, licensing, or registration of firearms, ammunition, or firearm supplies.” However, they may regulate the discharge of firearms (for noise, damage, and other such disturbances), the carrying of firearms in public parks, government meetings, and schools. For more information, read further in the Statutes, Section 229.001 entitled “Firearms; Explosives.” A qualified criminal defense lawyer can also give you sound counsel and advice.

To clarify some common confusion, although carry permits are not required for handguns to be used on private property that you personally own and of which you are in full control, it is illegal to openly carry a firearm in public since it may cause alarm. Therefore, concealed carry licenses are required to carry a handgun in public places.

Types of False Weapons Charges
With such detailed laws about purchasing, possessing, and carrying firearms, one might think that fighting weapon charges is a waste of time; but that is not true. Even with such specific laws, false accusations do occur. If a person accuses you of a criminal offense involving your weapon and you are licensed to carry, you may have a case against their charges. If you were on your own property, you could dispute the charges. Also, some states, a person has the right to shoot any person who unlawfully forcibly entered their home with the intention of harming the person, kidnapping, or stealing from their home. Don’t hesitate to get legal representation if you have been charged for a weapon-related crime for which you are not guilty.

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