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Asian Entrepreneur Experiencing Success Both in The Tech World And Charity World

Freer’s successful career spans over 30 years. During this time, he has been in charge of founding and leading various start-ups.


He co-founded Tiger Telematics, which was responsible for the manufacture of Gizmondo. This was a handheld console. The company launched in 2002 and was based in America. This company raised over 150 million. By the time it was dissolved in 2006, it had reached

a market cap of $2.7 billion.

This Asian Entrepreneur was one of the members of the board of directors of Tiger Telematics. He held this position until when he resigned in 2015.

Freer Family Tree Foundation

This charitable organization that was started by Freer is named after John Freer, Carl Freer’s father. The aim of this organization is

to change the lives of disadvantaged children, by crowdsourcing funds, which can be used to carry out various activities.

Various causes have been listed on this website, which gives donors an opportunity to look through the various options and choose a cause that is close to their heart. This organization seeks to help children from all over the world.

The main aim of this charity is to give as many children as possible an opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Projects that have been endorsed on the website are worldwide, with a main focus on children who are in underdeveloped countries.


Getting a first or second degree burn can be quite a painful affair. If you are in this position, you would definitely want all the medical help that you can get. This is one of the things that prompted this Swedish businessman to invent Alumniaid.

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This is a revolutionary pain relief treatment mechanism that uses state-of-the-art technology to cool burns and take heat away from the affected area when it is applied on the wound. There are different types of burn dressings for various case scenarios.

This technology helps to accelerate recovery among patients due to the way it works. Not handling a burn wound right can lead to patients suffering for longer as wounds take a long time to heal.

Zoological Society Nordens Ark

Carl Freer is also involved with the Zoological Society Nordens Ark. This is a zoological foundation that is based in Sweden. The main aim of this foundation is to protect and preserve endangered species of animals. These include wild animals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and insects.

This project also works to rear and reintroduce several species of animals back into the wild.

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